Course Materials: 

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   Syllabus (pdf)


        Introduction Part 1: Why study networks? (keynote) (pdf)

        Introduction Part 2: Famous networks of history (keynote) (pdf)

        Introduction Part 3: Terminology and Taxonomy (keynote) (pdf)

        Measures Part 1: Basics (keynote) (pdf)

        Measures Part 2: Centrality (keynote) (pdf)

        Social Networks and Social Interaction (keynote) (pdf)

        Community-finding (keynote) (pdf)

        more to come...


    Netlogo Programs:

        SI model (SEIN SI.nlogo)

        SIR model (netlogo)

            (both variations on Wilensky, U. Virus Model)

Erdös -Renyi Random (netlogo)

        Modified Erdös-Renyi Giant Component (netlogo)

        Modified Small-Worlds (netlogo)

        Watts-Strogatz (netlogo)

        Modified Preferential Attachment (SEIN Preferential Attachment.nlogo

            (Associated Homework Problem)

            (variation on Wilensky, U. Preferential Attachment)


    Mid-semester Data Project (pdf)

    Final Data Project (pdf)

    Network Data Sets

Student Work (F2015):

        Mid-semester Data Project: Class Networks

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