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twitter: @kateaanderson
(note the double a)

for a diversion on why I have to include those notes, see below...







And now...a long diversion concerning the curse of a common name: 

TL;DNR version: don't assume that because you've found a person with my name that it's actually me and be careful when typing my email address.

There is often confusion about both my name and my email address:

  • Even in the world of Katherine/ Catherine/ Cathryn/ Catrain/ Katushka/ ეკატერინე/ etc the spelling of my name is difficult to remember.
    -> It's Katharine with an "a" in the middle. 
    -> I really don't mind if you spell it incorrectly, but if you do, it may be even more difficult find me, and not another Kath*rine Anderson.
  • You should feel free to call me "Kate".
    (It's actually the only name I've ever gone by. I use my full name simply because it's a tiiiiiiiiiny bit less common and thus easier to find.)
  • On that note: there are basically a million people in the US with the name Anderson (literally). It is the 11th most common name in the US.
    -->  There are nearly 500,000 people with the name Katherine
    -->  There are nearly 50,000 people in the US with the (given) name Kate
    -->  There are (merely) 27,000 people in the US with the name Katharine
  • Not only are there other Katherine Andersons, there are also other Katharine Andersons...
    and other Katharine A. Andersons...
    and other Dr. Katharine A. Andersons who are working academics (incidentally, studying Victorian meteorology sounds kind of amazing)
  • All of which is to say that I have a confusing email address. The username is  andersoK with a K but no N. Sorry about that.