(note the unusual spelling of my first name)

twitter: @kateaanderson
(note the double a)

for a digression on why I have to include those notes, see below...







And now...a long diversion concerning the curse of a common name: 

TL;DNR version: don't assume that because you've found a person with my name that it's actually me and be careful when typing my email address.

There is often confusion about both my name and my email address:

  • Even in the world of Katherine/ Catherine/ Cathryn/ Catrain/ Katushka/ ეკატერინე/ etc the spelling of my name is difficult to remember.
    -> It's Katharine with an "a" in the middle.
    -> I really don't mind if you spell it incorrectly, but if you do, it may be even more difficult find me, and not another Kath*rine Anderson.

  • You should feel free to call me "Kate".
    (It's actually the only name I've ever gone by. I use my full name simply because it's a tiiiiiiiiiny bit less common and thus easier to find.)

  • On that note: there are approximately a million people in the US with the name Anderson (literally). It is the 11th most common last name in the US.
    --> There are nearly 500,000 people with the name Katherine
    --> There are nearly 50,000 people in the US with the (given) name Kate
    --> There are (merely) 27,000 people in the US with the name Katharine

  • Not only are there other Katherine Andersons, there are also other Katharine Andersons...
    and other Katharine A. Andersons...
    and other Dr. Katharine A. Andersons who are working academics*

  • All of which is to say that I will forever have confusing email and social media usernames. Sorry about that.

*The other Dr. Katharine A. Anderson studies Victorian meteorology, which sounds kind of amazing and makes me question my life choices.