Kate Anderson is an assistant professor of economics and entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University. She studies the structure, formation, and dynamics of collaboration networks, and the interactions between skills--e.g. skill diversity, skill synergy, and skill heterogeneity within groups.

She is married to a physicist, which means they need just one more person to tell a geeky joke (a physicist and an economist walk into a bar...)


She has two children: a 7 year old daughter (expert in story telling, robots, monkeys, building things out of junk, programming, rock climbing, and modern dance) and a 5 year old son (expert in art, cooking, legos, atoms, dirt, dinosaurs & early reptiles, and running until he falls down).

In a previous life, she was an extremely dorky Grinnell college student, math tutor, middling bassoon player, long-distance cyclist, climber, and moderately talented photographer and printmaker.