Current Position

2019-present Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Informatics and Networked Systems, University of Pittsburgh

2010 - 2019*  Assistant Professor of Economics and Entrepreneurship
Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University


Ph.D in Economics, University of Michigan (2010)
“A Study of Skills, Problem Solving, and Collaboration Networks” 
Committee: Scott E. Page (Chair), Lada Adamic, Stephan Lauermann, Robert Willis

Masters in Economics, University of Michigan (2007)

B.A. Math (with honors) and Economics (with honors), Grinnell College (2002)

Fields of Interest

Social Networks, Skills and Human Capital, Diversity, Problem Solving, Innovation, Collaboration, Computational Social Science


Anderson, Katharine A. (2018). Skill networks and measures of complex human capital. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201706597. pdf

Anderson, Katharine A., Crespi, Matthew, and Sayre, Eleanor C. (2017) "Linking Behavior in the PER Coauthorship Network." Physical Review PER 13(1) 010121: 1-10.  pdf

Anderson, K. A. (2016). A model of collaboration network formation with heterogeneous skills. Network Science, 4(02), 188-215. pdf

Anderson, Katharine A. (2012). Specialists and generalists: Equilibrium skill acquisition decisions in problem-solving populations.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 84(1), 463-473.

Montgomery, Mark, and Katharine Anderson (2007). “Best laid plans: Gender and the MBA completion rates of GMAT registrants.” The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 47(1), 175-191.

Anderson, Katharine, Barrow, Lisa, and Kristen F. Butcher (2005). “Implications of changes in men's and women's labor force participation for real compensation growth and inflation.” Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy, 5(1).

Anderson, Katharine, Eric French, and Tina Lam (2004). “You can't take it with you: Asset run-down at the end of the life cycle.” ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES-FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF CHICAGO, 28(3), 40.

Working Papers

“Collaborative Production in Science: An Empirical Analysis of Coauthorships in Economics.” (with Seth Richards-Shubik) (in revision)

“Skill Specialization and Economic Success: Networks and Human Capital in Short Term Labor Markets” (with Rebecca Lessem)

“Social Network Constraints on the Formation of Resource Management Groups” 

“Skill Specialization and the Formation of Collaboration Networks”

Works in Progress

“The Structure and Evolution of Knowledge Networks in Economics”

“Worker Heterogeneity and Income Inequality”

"Collaboration, Career Paths, and Academic Hierarchy"

“You can’t get there from here: skill hierarchies and gatekeeping in online labor markets” (with Ross O’Connell)

Fellowships and Awards

Berkman Faculty Development Grant (2014-2015)

Junior Faculty Chair, awarded by senior Tepper faculty (2011-2012)

Rackham One-term Dissertation Fellowship (2010)

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Fellowship, Institutions, Diversity, Emergence, Adaptation and Structures (IDEAS) NSF award number 0221611 (2007-2009)

Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation (2004-2007)

Invited Talks

Barcelona GSE Summer Forum, Networks: Information, Contracts, and Communities (2019)

Formal Social Epistemology Workshop (FSEW)  (2018)

Department of Mathematics, University of Buffalo (2017)

Complex Systems Seminar, University of Pennsylvania (2015)

Grinnell College (2015)

Applied Micro Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University (2015) 

Organizational Behavior Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University (2015) 

Networks Lunch Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University (2015)

RAIN Seminar, Department of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University (2012)

Economic Networks Seminar, Department of Economics, Stanford University (2012)

Center for Advanced Modeling in the Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins University (2012)

NetSci Economics Satellite Session, Northwestern University (2012)

Sumantra Ghoshal Conference on Managerially Relevant Research, London School of Business (2011)

SET Change seminar, Games and Decisions seminar, OBT seminar,  Carnegie Mellon University (2011)

Math and Economics Joint Seminar, Grinnell College (2009) 

Invited Seminar, Santa Fe Institute (2009)

Selected Conference Presentations

Networks in Economics (2019) "Skill Networks and Measures of Complex Human Capital"

International Conference on Computational Social Science (IC2S2) (2018) "Skill Networks and Measures of Complex Human Capital"

Science of Team Science (2016) “What Brings Us Together: Institutions and Community Structure in an Early-Stage Academic Community”

Networks in Economics Conference, Stanford U (2016)  “Writers, Designers, and Software Developers: Skill Networks and Measures of Complex Human Capital”

Sunbelt Conference (2016) “What Brings Us Together: Institutions and Community Structure in Early Stage Academic Communities”

Workshop on Information in Networks (2015) “Writers, Designers, and Software Developers: Skill Networks and Measures of Complex Human Capital”

Science of Team Science (2015) “Specialization and Diversity in Teams when Teams are Self-generated”

Econometric Society, ASSA (2012) “Skill Specialization and the Formation of Collaboration Networks”

Workshop on Information in Networks (2011)  “The Information Content of Network Measures”

4th annual Political Networks Conference (2011) “Skill Specialization”

Games 2008 (2008) “Sequential Group Formation with a Network Constraint”


Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon University (S2011, S2012, S2013, S2014, S2015, S2016, S2017, S2018)

Social, Economic, and Information Networks, Carnegie Mellon University (F2014, F2015, F2016, F2017, F2018)

ICPSR Complex Systems Models in Social Science (2010 and 2011): new one week unit on social networks

Modeling Political Processes (Game Theory), University of Michigan (2009)